By An Eldritch Sea

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Published by Authorlink Press:


Trade Paperback - 254 pages 4/01/00

ISBN:  1928704166

Price:  $12.95

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KELSEY MACKENZIE is filled with apprehension upon returning to the scene of her mother's tragic death, and from the moment she sets foot on Orkney she is drawn into a perilous world of mystery. A secret research project, a mystic species of seals, Scottish legends, and the unresolved death of her predecessor draw her deeper into danger. Then there is the overpowering attraction to CADE DOUGLAS which haunts her dreams.

Cade never cared that no woman will ever accept him for what he is until his all-consuming desire for Kelsey threatens his secret world. Torn between his personal quest and the feelings she arouses, he jeopardizes his family's existence to be with the daughter of their sworn enemy as he falls further under her spell.

"Moving and magical, this is one engrossing tale."  Jill M. Smith, Romantic Times Magazine

"Carolee Joy has captured the otherworldly atmosphere of the Orkneys in BY AN
ELDRITCH SEA. You can almost smell the sea air, feel the brisk winds . . .and sense the mysteries waiting to unfold. With an intriguing premise and an appealing, vulnerable shape-shifter hero, BY AN ELDRITCH SEA adds a modern page to the ancient Selkie legends."  Susan Krinard, Author, "Touch of the Wolf"



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