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Just when you think there are no new subjects to write about, you open a book and become entranced in a new dimension. As Julia Quinn and her daughter, Emmi, prayed for someone to love, each found their answer in the same angel-man. Emmi found the daddy she wanted so badly and Julia found the love of her life.

Joel, captured from his angelic dimension in a university physicist’s experiment Julia and her assistant, Linda, set into motion, entered the world of humans and all their limitations. He also found the simple pleasures, and pain, of love and friendship. As he took on more of the human traits and emotions he learned that, in the earthly realm, there are consequences to every action.

Love blooms between Joel and Julia as she lets go of the childhood pain and heartache that had kept her heart closed for so long. They both know their time together is limited and that, as soon as Julia works out the problems in her teletransportation experiments, Joel will have to return to heaven.

The dynamic end finally arrives and it is painful, yet bittersweet, for all three until Julia’s childhood guardian angel intervenes. “Captured Angel” shows the reader that love can change not only the hearts and lives of humans but it can also change an angel too. This is a story of love and growth that holds the readers interest from beginning to end.

Written by: Jackie R. Weathers

                        Professional Artist, Writer and Speaker


Last modified:  7/2007