House of Hearts

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Trade Paperback - 184 pages (11/1/2000)

ISBN: 1928704832

Price: $12.95

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A strong breeze chilled what was left of the bright afternoon. Rita Taggart shivered. She was a long way from home and the hot lethargic days that marked late summer in Fort Worth, Texas. She parked her Chevy four by four, then dialed the phone and waited for someone to answer. A two hundred-year-old oak spread its branches over the end of the paved road, the leaves chattering against the rushing wind. She rolled up the window and listened to the faraway telephone ring again and again....

"HOUSE OF HEARTS is a fast-paced and exciting story.  A good choice when you’re in the mood for some chills with your romance."  4 Stars —Susan Mobley, Romantic Times Magazine.


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