Love Sizzles

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Trade Paperback - 316 pages (8/1/2002)

ISBN: 1928704893X

Price: $14.95

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Laugh, love and be swept away!

He was steak and ice cream, wind and fog, a harmony performed by instruments only he possessed, and his music mesmerized her.--Susan D. Brooks, "Not What She Expected"

John rose, orienting himself to the last place he'd seen her...naked in the dancing heat of love and the fury of passion...falling out of the sky like a goddess.--Madi Ryan Lee, "Summer Fire"

What a grievous fate indeed, to love one's husband.--Tami D. Cowden, "The Abduction"

She knew him.  Knew him in the way that two souls call out to each other in the absolute certainty they must be one or wither away, wasted and wanting.--Carolee Joy, "Caught in a Masquerade"

In his smile, I saw myself through his eyes.  Not just a mom, or even a wife, but a beautiful, desirable sexual being.--Betsy Norman, "True Colors"

There was no question that Bryce Madison was a handsome man.  Too bad handsome men no longer appealed to her.--Su Kopil, "Love is in the Air"




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