Love Triumphs

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Trade Paperback - 277 pages (02/01/2000)

ISBN: 1928704727


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Start with a young woman afraid to risk her heart again, add a couple in their twilight years wanting to keep the fires burning, mix with a widowed mother unwilling to see the real reason her brother-in-law avoids her, stir in a hungry lunch thief, and top with a free-spirited aunt suddenly thrust into parenting toddlers against the wishes of a compelling, but disgruntled uncle, and you still have only begun to taste LOVE TRIUMPHS.

With twenty-nine complete love stories, LOVE TRIUMPHS will fulfill any size craving for romance.

From first loves to friend loves to puppy love, LOVE TRIUMPHS is a delectable confection, sweet and satisfying for the romantic soul.

"Full of tiny treasures, each story a glittering gem."  Cathy McDavid, Rhapsody Magazine


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