Madonna of the Dark

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Published by Authorlink Press


Trade Paperback - 276 pages (8/1/2000)

ISBN: 1928704026

Price: $12.95


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From the first word of the compelling opening to the riveting ending, Madonna of the Dark is a 'can't put down read' that will have you up late into the night to learn the fate of Victoria MacKay, doomed to a life of everlasting darkness after she becomes the vampire Johann Nikolai Valfrey's lover. Superb description, intriguing characters and a plot that grabs you by the throat make Madonna a must read for horror and paranormal romance fans alike.

"...a brilliantly crafted, exceptionally well written novel that is as seminal a contribution to the vampire genre as are the novels of Anne Rice or Chelsea Quinn Yarboro"...Jim Cox, Midwest Book Review.


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